Deposit Accounts

Offering a wide variety of savings options has always been an important credit union function. At United Health Credit Union you can choose the type of account that is tailored to your individual needs.

Interest is paid every month for all of our savings accounts using the average daily balance method. All accounts are designed to offer you a high rate of return.

calculatorPayroll Deduction and Direct Deposit Features
You can make deposits automatically to any of your savings accounts in two different ways. You can arrange for a direct deposit of your entire paycheck and also set up a payroll deduction allocation.

Share Accounts

Regular Savings Accounts
This is the basic account that establishes membership with United Health Credit Union. A $25 minimum balance along with a $1 lifetime membership fee is all you need to participate in UHCU's products and services.
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Christmas Club Accounts
An easy way to save for the holiday season. Payroll deductions make it simple to save money for these special times. And, this account has no minimum balance requirement. Enrollment periods are from November 1 through June 15, and funds are deposited into your regular share account during the first week in November.
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Vacation/Special Club Accounts
A separate account for that something special. Deposit money by way of automatic transfers, payroll deduction, mail, or over the counter.
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Money Market Accounts
A high yielding account with a $2,500 minimum balance requirement. Additional deposits must be for at least $100, while minimum withdrawals are $250.
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Individual Retirement Accounts
A savings account especially for retirement that offers a high rate of return. There is no length of maturity requirement for these accounts.
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Term Certificates

United Health Credit Union offers a variety of certificates with high-yielding interest rates. The dividends are paid each month and can be added to your certificate or deposited to one of your other accounts. Certificate terms range from six months to three years.
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Youth Accounts

Teen U
A savings and checking account packaged for young adults, ages 13 through 17. A free check design and a Visa Check Card are options available with the Teen U Account.
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Small Change & Dollar Dane Club
Accounts especially for kids up to 12 years old. Minimum balance is only $25! The Club has its very own deposit and withdrawal slips and a special surprise comes with every transaction.
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For additional information concerning United Health savings plans or savings rates, please call or visit one of our convenient offices.

Your funds are federally insured to $250,000 — learn more by clicking here!